Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Zizzi Black Label

Heute beende ich offiziell die Winterpause auf meinem Blog und starte direkt mit einer tollen neuen Nachricht ins Modejahr 2015.

Letzte Woche präsentierte Zizzi, während der Fashion Week Berlin, auf der Curvy ihr neues "Black Label". Soviel kann ich schon mal sagen, es wird wundervoll!!! Der Verkauf startet im August und ihr könnt schon sehr gespannt sein. Es wird modern, clean, skandinavisch. Ich bin echt begeistert.

Das sagt Zizzi über sein neues Label:

Zizzi Black Label

Zizzi is launching a new, exclusive and sophisticated sub-collection: Zizzi Black Label, targeted towards the style-conscious and curvy woman.
This collection has been created as an extension of Zizzi's current design philosophy, with focus on gorgeous design and an eye for details, and the Zizzi Black Label offers the very highest quality and choice of materials. Every single style in this exclusive collection is created with the sole purpose of becoming a permanent wardrobe favourite, which can be used for any occasion, season after season.
The Zizzi Black Label collection comprises more than 25 styles, designed with the curvy silhouette in mind, and offers rounded, shaped shoulders, elegant feminine draping, slim-fit trousers and cropped pant legs.
The colour range is subdued, ranging from black shades with tones of grey and dark blue to lighter shades such as ivory.
The materials are a classic quality mix, such as lightweight wool, lace, denim and brocade. Adding a refined twist, the material's structure adds depth and dynamism to the classic whole.


Was sagt Ihr zu den ersten Bildern? Gefällt euch der Stil?



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