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Gastpost - engagement rings

Was wären wir Fashionmädchen nur ohne Schmuck?

Und da jetzt auch wieder die Hochzeits&Verlobungssaison beginnt, freue ich mich euch heute einen Gastbeitrag von 77 Diamonds präsentieren zu können!

Stunning Trends in Engagement Rings for 2013 Today’s engagement rings are no longer confined to the simple, classic solitaire diamond engagement ring as contemporary brides-to-be are opting for something less traditional and different from the standard ring worn by brides of the past. As modern couples are now going for unique, diverse styles in a variety of designs, metals, and stones, jewelers are designing engagement rings with distinctive gems, unconventional settings, and special cuts and range in a multitude of styles from outrageous, ostentatious pieces to bold twists on the classic styles.

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A number of notable rings that are popular with current brides-to-be include an updated version of the standard solitaire, vintage-inspired rings, and brightly-colored diamonds and gems. The availability of different styles, designs, cuts, and colors provides couples with a wide range of choices when it comes to picking out the right engagement ring. In addition to these trends, many future brides are also opting to design their own rings, allowing them to incorporate the latest trends in their engagement rings. Whether you go with a brilliant, shiny rock like those worn by celebrities and royalty, an antique-influenced design, or another one of the many chic fads, your engagement ring is sure to be an eye-catching focal piece.

Rings with a Vintage Influence

Engagement rings that combine an antique setting with modern designs have become a hit among many future brides. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. What’s more, rings that incorporate family jewels or significant birth stones also complement antique designs as they combine something old with something of sentimental value. If you have a ring that’s a family heirloom that you’d like to add to, or, if you prefer to customize or design your own engagement ring, you can build your own ring with an antiquated feel. 77 Diamonds is perfect if you want a new ring, but wish to attain that vintage feel. Whether you choose an inherited, family heirloom ring or a new ring with a vintage-influenced design, engagement rings with an antique flair are perfect for the fashionable bride with a classic sense of style.

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Add Some Color to Your Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with colorful gems and diamonds are quite popular with engaged couples today, especially after Prince William presented Kate Middleton with a sapphire engagement ring which once belonged to his mother, the late Princess Diana, this trend grew, causing soon-to-be-wed couples to clamor for diamonds and stones in varying colors. While most couples who opt for a colored gem over the typical white diamond engagement ring usually pick a stone that has sentimental value, not all couples are connected to a specific stone. If you and your future spouse desire a colored jewel, but don’t have a particular stone in mind, there are a number of rare gems that can be used in your engagement ring, including this year’s most sought after stone, the emerald. No matter the colored-rock you choose, your brilliant stone is sure to stand out among the sea of drab white diamond engagement rings.

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